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You may have noticed a few pics of Aleta scattered throughout our site. The last time we saw Aleta was for her school formal over 4 years ago! She looked amazing back then and not much has changed... she looks amazing now.

She came in recently with the intentions of getting a new corset. Her school formal corset's been going strong since her formal and it was time for an upgrade ;)

Being on our facebook friends list all this time we've seen countless pics of Aleta rockin her 'Courtesan' so it was no suprise when she said she wanted the extact same design but in a different fabric.

In the end she fell in love with our 'turquoise lace over black silk brocade fabric', and her pictures tell the rest of the story ;) Thanks for letting us pinch a couple of pics from your facebook album to show our fans hun!

Till next time! or our next fishing trip :p

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