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James and Angel came in a while ago looking for a special corset to wear to a special function. It was one of those fittings that went for hours. Not because we were stapped for choice, but because virtually everything Angel tried on looked amazing and fitted perfectly. Yes on occassions we get someone who walks in with that perfect corset wearing figure. Angel's one of them...

Hmmm any guesses on the winning corset? It was the Red/black blossom silk longline. These guys have also become quite good friends and we often get together for corset, curry and movie that order ;)

Just a few weeks ago both James and Angel returned for their second isky corset. This time Angel decided she wanted something she could wear around the office so asked us to make her a pinstripe 'merry widow' corset with a matching A-line skirt to be worn over a white blouse.

She looks absolutely stunning. Thanks groovers ;)

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