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*rolls eyes while slightly shaking head...What can we say about lil Ash? Hmmm how about "SHOULDERS BACK!" or "STOP SLOUCHING!" ;)

Introducing Ashlee. Ash and her mum visited both our shops hoping to get that perfect corset gown for Ash's school formal. She wanted to stand out, and not be like all the rest who spend copious amounts of cash on the same boring dress at the same boring store.

We had so much fun! i think we spent almost 4 hours one day deciding on the best corset to go with. In the end we decided on the 'Coutesan' design, a fave amongst the formal crowd, made in a silver satin with black lace overlay. Her formal night pics said it all. She definitley made a statement ;)

Thanks Ash!...catch ya on FB hun ^^

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