Assorted 1

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Assorted 1

Ok time to get serious and combine a few.

Ella (red Gothic corset)
Firstly introducing Ella. Ella arrived straight from a job interwiew with her Burlesque dancing friend Alyssa. Her main reason for being there was for moral support and just to kill some time. We over heard Allsya trying to persuade Ella to try a corset but she politely kept declining. It wasnt until we said "you know you have the perfect figure for these things" she said with a laugh "oh ok then why not". She was instantly in love. Ella looked amazing. She didnt buy on the day but we did hear she's talked of nothing since and plans on a return visit. Pehaps even before Brisbane's 'Gangster Ball' this year ;) Pretty sure the job would have been in the bag if she had turned up to the interview wearing that red corset ;)

Lilian (Leopard print Longline corset)
The next sexy chickadee is Lilian. Lily arrived out of the blue one week night with the intent of trying on an isky corset or two. After trying a few designs we found a Leopard print 'longline' we had made a while ago but never put out or showed people. She instantly fell in love and had to have it. This is one strong mofo corset! 4 layers thick using upholstery grade Leopard print velvet, and our secret horse hair canvas interlining. Basically it was a "meant to be corset" ;)

Gail and Hope (corset dress)
Our third group of girls came in for a wedding fittng for Gail (wearing the longline design). Gail turned up with her beautiful daughter and sexy neice. Her neice Hope had never tried a corset before in her life. She kept eyeing off one of our sexy corset dresses and decided to jump in at the deep end and give it a whirl. We explained that its a pretty reveiling design, not just to wear but to have fitted as you basically need to get almost neked. She said "I dont care im wearing knickers! Whoo! Bring it on!!" She looked pretty sexy indeed ;) She strutted, posed, pouted and jogged...wait! jogged? Yep, jogged ;) Thanks girls for a fun fitting :D

Kelly, Jenny and Emma (BBQ girls)
Finally what's the easiest way to make friends at a bbq when you hardly know a soul? let it slip you make and design corsets for a living is how. Yup once that's out of the bag your bound to get some interest ;) Even better is if you just happen to have a couple in the back of your car! When that happens you'll find yourself surrounded by all the beautiful girls at the barby, with all the fellas upstairs, whome after a while start saying "hey where did all the women go?" ;) Thanks to Kelly, Jenny and Emma for letting us put their pics up. Gotta love Kelly's suprised look on her face with her hands on her hips as we pull her in tight and she sees that awesome waist line ;)

Aisha (bride)
Woot woot! This beautiful lady is Aisha. Tightly pulled into her isky corset and skirt we made her for her wedding day. Her wedding was kick ass! A night time event on her property surrounded by lots and lots of family and friends. It also just happened to have the biggest bon fire we've ever seen! we're talking as big as a house! or at least small town house. Aishsa is wearing a 'belle' design tight lacing corset in 'purple, green, and brown silk brocade'. She bought a simple 'gathered ball over skirt' which her friend gathered up in parts and hand stitched beautiful purple roses all over. You got to love simplicity ;) Thanks Aisha you look amazing (: We appologize for the lack of pictures. This wedding we went to enjoy ourselve at...not take photos ;)

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