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We can't explain just how adorable little Caspa really is. She's such a friendly little goth >.< Just look at her pics you'll see :)

Caspa, her mum and little sister came in after seeing us promoting our wears at the last festival we attended a couple years back. Back then she was even younger and tinier! but she fell in love with our stall and promised that when her shool formal came around she'd be back :) She took our card and told us she's stalked our website ever since lol

Caspas amazing parents decided to let her choose anything she liked on account of her doing so well at school and blitzing almost all expectations of her. At first she decided to make our life misserable by comissioning the most difficult to make corset and skirt, but after trying a bunch of designs gave us a break and picked a slightly less challenging design. You have no idea how grateful we are for that Caspa ;)

We can't wait to see how her shcool formal night eventually pans out. Don't forget to send us pics!


Caspa you would have to be one of the cutest little corset girls we've had through our door hun. We though so before we saw your final formal pics and we definiely do after we saw how your night panned out =D We loved what you did with the fan, your choker and self made cloak :) Well done! Thanks so much for taking the time to bring them in for us to see. Hey, we'll see your little sister in a few years ok? Considering she's already made her mind up on what she wants for her big night lol :D

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