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Yep you heard correct! We've now met our very first Cinderella! We were so excited we facebooked it immediately =D We had to pry her real name out of her though ;)

Anyways, both Cinderella and Daryl came to see us in the lead up to a medieval/period feast they were hoping to attend... and while Daryl took the kids for ice-cream we went corset crazy with Cind ^^

We got along perfectly being a fellow photographers and all. We also loved the "Ooos", "Ahhhs" and Wowwee's!" as Cincerella for the first time saw what perfect curves she got from wearing our corsets.

It was a real hard decision selecting a corset for Cind as virtually everything she tried looked amazing (: In the end Cind bought 2 corsets. The crimson 'longline underbust', and the 'Reveal'. We don't sell that many 'Reveals' because they're quite difficult to fit, but Cinderella pulled the look off flawlessly! We were so happy she chose it to wear to her feast.

Cinderella ended up buying both the black silk 'Reveal' corset as well as the red crimson Crysanthamum 'Underbust Longline' design (: Thanks so much Daryl and Cind it was great meeting you both!

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