Diesel Punk Corset

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Diesel Punk Corset

Introducing our new pride and joy the 'Diesel Punk Corset'. This beauty took a very very very very very very long time to make. As well as costing alot in materials used. It's quite possibly one of the coolest things Isky has ever made.

It was inspired by a corset our favourite corset maker, 'Jeroen Van Der Kliss' made sometime back (from Bizzare Corsets in Amsterdam). Jeroen loves our version, and it was indeed an honour and a fun project to do, as well as extremely cool to show him our progress while creatinging it =D

We get so many requests to make this for people but sadly due to the effort involved this will be the only one :( Unless that is, we decide to make another for ourselves in yet another Isky fashion ;)

Hope you like!

p.s Oh and a big thanks to our good friend Samantha for eagerly training it over after work to try it on once completed. You totally did it justice! as always =D

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