Emily and Hannah

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Emily and Hannah

Ok get ready for some total awesomeness. Remember Hannah from a while back? Well she's baaaack! But this time she brought a friend =D

Emilly was as much fun as Hannah lol, something we thought to be quite impossible. Emily has always wanted a quality steel-boned corset and after bit of a play decided on the Longline. It was a tough decision, because the Courtesan looked amazing on her also. You can see Em's final custom made corset in the first few pics. On her pick up visit she came in with her favourite skirt and tried it on... Oh...my... GAAWD! Yep she was pretty happy ;) and a pretty impressed boyfriend as well.

Hannah also bought a corset she fell in love with at her original fitting. She also chose a longline tight lacing corset in brown, purple, an green rose silk brocade.

Hannah also got to try a heap of our new 'Sexy Armor' underbust corsets. Once again she kicked ass ;)

Thanks beautiful fun ones :D

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