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Introducing the very vibrant Hannah! All the way from Scotland. It all started when we recieved a few curious emails from this lovely lass about a possible fitting. Within days we were picking her up from the train station where we dragged her back to the isky abode and went to town!

It didn't take long at all and Hannah's fun nature came to the surface. We pretty much laughed through the whole fitting! In fact each time we look back at her pics we lol ourselves stupid.

Think it's fair to say that before Hannah came to see us she was a little apprehensive. Thanks mainly to a pretty awesome G cup size bust that has probably in the past made things like buying clothes bit of a chore. Well she shouldnt have worried. Everything, and we mean EVERYTHING! she tryied looked totally insane!

Thanks for brightening up our day Hannah! You, your awesome figure and amazing hair are welcome anytime =D

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