Isky C96 is an all Australian owned and operated business dedicated to the manufacture of high end steel-boned tight laced corsetry. Our high quality garments are designed and manufacted in either two of our Brisbane studios, and if not sold on-line, are available for purchase in either of our two seperate Brisbane based corsetoriums.

Our design team share in over 55 years of experience, enjoy above Australian Industry award pay, a great working atmosphere, and are involved in the Isky profit share scheme.

Isky is responsible for all designs, from fashion to photography, web sites and advertising.
Our thriving business was started over 10 years ago from the humblest of beginings. These days we've grown into one of Australia’s most successful Corsetry specialists.

We may be cheeky and believe in a fun working environment, but we also believe in one main objective. ‘The manufacture of a world class corset for women and their admirers’. To this end we have never come across a more superior quality corset than our own, and yes we’ve seen most of the worlds leading brands (no comment ;)).

As well as offering one of the largest selections in corsetry designs, Isky also offer one of the most extensive fabric ranges available. For further information please refer to our Isky Quality section.


Damn we hate telling people how good we are, how our Brisbane corsets are of the highest quality in the land.

The sad fact is that half the population wouldnt know quality if it came up and slapped them in the face. We're here for those that do, for those who appreciate the extra effort and want the strongest best stitched tummy tucker money can buy. So if any Target shoppers reading this are looking for a red light bargain.... hey we luv you... but you ain't gonna find it here, sowwy....

Lovers of Isky Corsets already familiar with our work know our corsets not only look awesome and feel great but are of the best quality corsets available. With our years of experience we have it pegged. Our stitching’s superiour, we use only the finest Authentic Steel Hardware, use the strongest perma core thread, (nylon bonded for our PVC/Leather range) and use the 2 inch wide heavy duty stainless steel busks, perfect for tight lacing. Not your commonly used standard 1 inch variety...

Oh! and did we mention our amazing hourglass corset patterns?! Yep that's right, try and find a corset that's designed to be cut under your rib cage, to cinch just your waist, leaving your rib cage relatively unrestricted.

Lol anyway, our fabrics are sourced globaly and range from the budget cotton velvets, lush Da Vinchi Cross brocades, to the spectacular and exquisite silk brocades. All fabrics are pre shrunk, fused with our special interlinings and re-enforced around the waist with a special non-stretch belt to keep that perfect shape. Each corset is made individually! thats right! Individually!! Not stacked and cut, Yuk! We take our time to make sure you get the most out of your chosen fabric, and where possible make sure each half of your corset mirrors the other. Hell Yeah! WE ROCK!!.....just remember

"Sure you could buy a cheaper corset some where else, but then you would have to



Ordering is easy with our secure ordering system. If you wish to buy something just click the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the respective page after choosing your appropiate size, fabric and any other extras.

You have the option to pay then, continue shopping or change your order till your happy with your final decision. Once your order is placed and assuming your paying by Paypal you will recieve a confirmation email from us as well as a confirmation email from PayPal. This is your reciept.

Paypal is the largest online bank specialising in online transactions. We dont even see your credit card details. Paypal will make the transaction on your behalf.

When your payment is successful we will recieve a payment notification from paypal along with your ordering details, shiping information, and any other instructions you provide.

Isky never give out details to third parties. To learn more about paypal please click here PayPal

To pay by check, money order or direct deposit please call or email us direct for instructions. Only once payment has been recieved and cleared do we begin manufacture of your order. Easy as! :)


Shipping is easy to remember. Within Australia we ship via Australia Post and once your order is complete send all items registered in an overnight satchel. Each item costs $15 to send overnight. International customers are asked to email us first for intstructions and shipping costs before placing any orders. We do not charge extra for shipping, infact most of the time we make a loss.


(07) 3851 2587
Ferny Hills Shop
Brisbane Australia


1. Are corsets made for a particular style of figure?

Corsets suit almost any figure. Isky has a corset for most figures. Please read the corset descriptions when deciding what corset would best suit you, try not to choose a corset on the grounds that you like the look of that design the best. If possible come in and try before you buy. Please contact us for more guidance or help. Hey you can even send us a pici of yours self and we'll give you some advice...you have no idea how much this can help (:

2. How do i determine my corset size

Unlike standard dress sizes, corsets are sized in 2 inch increments. Please choose a corset 4 inches under your natural waist measurement for a proper fit. If a more relaxed fit is desired choose a corset 2 inches under. Or as always you can email us for assistance. We try and reply to all emails within 30 minutes.

3. How much can a corset reduce my waist?

Our corsets can reduce your waist from 2-4 inches depending on design. A woman’s figure can also have a lot to do with the amount of cinch a corset can give. The more voluptuous a girls body the more there is to cinch. We quite regularly sell 32 inch corsets to women who have 38-40 inch waists. Please note that the lacing in the back of a corset is not always meant to meet at centre back. It quite common to have a gap anywhere from 1 inch to several inches.

4. How are your corsets constructed?

Our corsets are constructed using the best in European authentic steel hardware and fabrics. We use top quality spiral stainless steel boning in the body of our corsets. Strong Flat steel bones are placed in the back where the lacing is found. Unlike most manufacturers we use the expensive to buy 2 inch wide tight lacing busks at the front. Not the common 1 inch variety. All fabrics are pre shrunk and reinforced with strong woven interfacings. Some of our corsets can be up to 5 ply thick! You will not find a better quality corset any where. Oh and did we mention the stitching....OMG! For a more in depth description please read our Isky Corsets Quality spiel.

5. How do I care for my corset?

Our corsets are dry clean only although alot of people gently hand wash them considering our steels are stainless steel. But yeah its not a great idea to wash or dryclean these regularly. To prolong your visit to the cleaners its a good idea to wipe the corset down after every use with a damp cloth to remove any excess sweat or body oils that can accumulate within that period of wear. Corsets are not required to be cleaned regularly like most items of clothing, unless you sweat profusely. Under bust corsets are generally worn over clothing so cleaning for these is even more relaxed.

6. How do I place an order?

For the moment online orders are only accepted via email or by phone. Once payment is received your corset will begin construction and within a 1-2 week period should be ready for delivery. We accept payment in the form of PayPal, bank deposit, check and money order.

7. Can I supply my own fabric?

We only allow you to supply a chosen fabric if we confirm your preferred fabric is suitable for corset construction. In this instance we reduce your corset by $10. Isky has one of the best selection of fabrics of any major corset manufacturer. There are certain fabrics usable for corset construction and unfortunately we source all of them from europe and the US. Please contact us prior to buying a different fabric of your choice to discuss whether it is appropriate.

8. Can you add a modesty panel to my corset?

Yes we can (wow..Obama flash back). For those not familiar with modesty panels they are an oblong piece of fabric made and lined in the same fabrics as the corset that is placed behind the lacing to cover any excess skin that can be seen. Most people will never need a modesty panel, and corsets as a rule are not made with them as standard. Modesty panels are normally used by girls who have a tendency to be shy or uncomfortable at showing excess skin. Hey in our book the bigger the back crak the better! Modesty panels cost $25.

9. Can I eat while wearing my corset?

Corsets should not be put on after eating a heavy meal. However you can eat whilst wearing them. Its not a good idea to eat a lot though. Finger foods are more appropriate. Although you can always loosen your back laces if you want a larger fill;) Once again your call.

10. Do corsets stretch over time?

A good quality corset should never stretch, instead mould to your body. As an extra precaution Isky use waist tape reinforcing inserted into the waist of most of our corsets to ensure your corsets waist always remains constant.

11. Can I lace myself into my corset? And how the hell do I get out of this thing?!

At first lacing can be a bit confusing. But in time after several attempts you should be able to lace yourself in securely and confidently. Please note that the lacing is always present in our corsets and its only a matter of loosening and tightening. Please make sure your corset is fully loosened before undoing the busk to remove your corset. If you don’t do this, the presure on the last remaining busk hooks can be so great they can snap. We use only the strongest steel tipped corset lacing available. They’re a woppin 7 meters long! and yes unlike some retailers our corsets come fully laced and ready to go...None of this included instructional piece of paper crap on how your suppose to lace your corset before you wrap it around you ;)

12. What is your return policy?

OUR RETURN POLLICY No monetary refunds are given on any of our corsets, exchange only, and only under the following circumstances.

We only exchange our instock corsets only. That is, if you buy a corset that we already have made up and is ready for immediate sale...some call this "off the peg stock." Corsets that we make especially for our customers are not available for exchange unless there is a fault with the garment (quality wise). So please make sure you are happy with your orders size and style prior to ordering. We are happy to answer as many questions as it takes :)

We will not exchange an instock corset on the grounds you do not like the fabric or style, only on the grounds you require another size or there is a quality issue... so please make sure you are happy with the corset fabric, design and color of your choice. Sorry but this has been a problem in the past.

So where is our instock corset page? Well we don't have one, but most people email us prior to ordering so we normally let them know if their corset is an instock corset that can be shipped immediately :)

We pride ourselves on our quality control, but if for any reason a corset is found to not meet our high standards please return it and we shall fix the problem immediately and return it to you at our own expense. We are extremely helpful in any situation and believe in doing as much to help our customers as possible.

A corset may not be returned with any signs of wear what so ever. If a corset looks to have been worn, or you have worn it out of our shop, it will not be accepted.
13. Can I get a personal fitting?

Absolutely! Anyone who visits one of our 2 Brisbane corsetoriums can have a personal fitting at absolutely no expense with absolutely no expectations to a sale. We just love playing dress ups!

14. I often have difficulty closing the front busk, why?

Ha Ha! You’ll get use to it. Sometimes it’s easier to start in the middle and work your way up and then down. Don’t stress too much, everyone goes though this, and everyone gets better at it.

15. Do you custom make corsets?

No we no longer make custom corsets for people. We have the biggest, largest range of corsetry designs (we know of) in Australia. We also offer add-ons such as outer bone casings, lace trims, ruffle trims or suspender loops to give your chosen corset design in your chosen fabric its very own custom feel.

16. What is your sizing policy?

At the moment we do sizes 22”, 24”, 26”, 28”, 30” as standard corset sizes. 32”, 34" and 36 inches can be made but will cost an additional $50. We also do some of our designs in a 20 inch size.

17. Can you add suspender strap attachments for stockings?

Hell yeah! For those wanting to sex their corset up, suspender loops can definitely be added. 4 suspender loops cost $15, 6 loops cost $20, and 8 loops cost $25.

18. How do I choose the correct corset for my shape?

Please read the design descriptions carefully, call or email us for advice. As stated earlier, there is a certain design to cater for almost all body shapes.

19. How long will it take to make my corset?

We try our best to have your corset ready within 2 weeks. This all depends on how busy we are at the time. In the past and on occasions we have actually stopped taking orders to catch up on our processing time. We keep you up to date with the production of your corset at regular intervals, especially if it may take longer than expected. Unlike others we do not offer a rush fee facility. We already work to our full capacity and at our fastest pace that still ensures you a full quality corset...you cant rush perfection :)

20. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, bank deposit, check (production begins once check has cleared) Money order, and cold hard CASH!

21. Do you lay by?

Sorry, but due to bad past experience we no longer offer a lay-by service. We will however hold your chosen goods for a 2 week period if a deposit is given (so kinda lay-by). Please note that all deposits are final and we do not transfer deposits in any situation. We’re very easy going about extensions if emergencies or unexpected delemers occur and try to help in most situations. So please don’t stress if this should happen, just contact us :)

22. Who does your photography and modeling?

We have our own in house photographic studio, and when not here you can usually find us at your local abandoned psychiatric hospital with camera in hand and flock of girls in toe. We hardly ever use “Experienced models”. Instead we use friends, girl friends, ex-girl friends, chicks off the street, girls we see out and about etc etc...But hey, a great number of the beautiful girls you see on here are actually customers who have come in to check us out for potential corsets! Its not that we're against using those who call themselves models...we just dont really get the chance when there are so many other beuatiful people around us each day. Having said this, if you think you have what it takes, aged between 18 and 26 with a nice figure and beautiful long hair please don’t hesitate to inquire about potential work.

23. Wholesale?

We've suspended all wholesale operations at this time to help focus all our efforts on our retail side. In the past we've sold to some of the largest online corset sites and retail shops overseas. Hopefully once ready we will again, but at this time, sowwy!

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