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Well out of the blue yesterday we got a call from a very curious young Jenna wanting to know more about the world of isky corsets :) She'd been going through the 'isky website' and after initially trying a corset on in Adelaide had corset fever...she was curious what size we went down to. Normally we get the complete opposite with girls wanting to know what size we go up to! Within hours Jenna had rocked up in her Daizy Dukes, pink top and pink shoes, topped off with a whole lota BLING... So we nick named her Princess Bling :)

Cute, spunky, bubbly and extremely easy to talk and comunicate with. Ok so lately we've been getting hit by an inordinate number of girls requiring the tiny 20 inch corsets. Jenna was no different with her natural waist clocking in at a very tidy 23.5 inches (Natural). But seeing as we only had one style in stock in a 20 inch things were a bit challenging. Even though the 22 inch corsets look as though they fit in her pics they are far from being the ideal size.

Jenna chilled and played corsets for the next 3 hours, and towards the end decided on the Underbust Longline style (red one towads the end of the thumbs). We're making it in a black silk with silver blossom brocade for her.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- N.B All styles featured in the PVC and PVC/buckles are not readily available for sale at this time. They are a new line of corsets we've been working on. They will eventually have their own dedicated section on our site once released :) We just couldn't resist trying them on her ;)

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