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Oooh this is beautiful Jess! One of Melbourne's gorgeous fetish models. Jess and isky had been online friends for a while before one night she told us that she dearly wanted an isky corset (: Both parties were quite excited, and over msn designed up the most amazing corset they could think of. It took a few on line hours to get it right, but by the time we had finished talking we were all really excited. Jess because she couldnt wait receive and wear it and us because it was something truely different, and we were totally psyched at the thought of making it.

It took us a week to complete but after its completion we were left with something really special (:

Jessie's corset is made from Genuine leather, reptile embosed patent, with patent outer bone casings. Both top and bottom edgings are finished in genuine leather and ditch stitched. This little baby also has our special horse hair canvas interlinings....this mofo is so heavy!

Jessie's corset was the first leather corset we had ever made and sports a great deal of decorative top stitching. We made this corset mid 2010 and it was Jessi's corset that gave us the confidence to tackle Elizabeth's corset dress in the about pics.

Thanks Jess you rock hun x

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