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Introducing our favourite little Jordy. Jordy had kept in contact with us online and by phone for almost 2 years before early this years she said "enoughs enough!" she packed her bag with lots of sexy fishnets, skirts and garter belts and jumped in the car. She drove 1000 kms from Mackay to Brisbane just to play corsets with us (now that's serious dedication)

Jordy's one of the smallest girls we've ever had in a corset. Her tiny waist measures 23 inches naturally! which normally means she would take a 20 inch corset...At the time we didn't have any 20 inch corsets. So we used the 22 and 24 inch sizes....We know, way to big right? but keeping this in mind what do you think? Even when to large our hourglass designs accentuate her waist beautifully....and yes 20 inchers are now on the menu ;) We're actually about to release our new 18 inchers...

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