Kara and Kassy

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Kassy and Kara

These guys are AMAZING! Both Kara and sister Kassy traveled 4 hours to Melbourne by train and another 2 hours to Brisbane by plane just to buy from us! Yep all the way from Mt Gambier Victoria =)

Kara's been buying corsets from us for years and when she told us she was coming to see us for her wedding dress we got pretty damn excited. Having always delt online we offered both her and her sister accomodation for the night.

After picking them up from the train station we rushed home and dove right in. Kara chose something completely different as her wedding gown. A black/black blossom silk brocade tight lacing 'Belle' corset and a Crimson red Elizabethan over skirt, as well as a full 30 meter chiffon petticoat to wear benieth.

It wasn't until her sister Kassy removed her jacket that we realized she had one of the best corset bods we've ever seen. We played for hours, went to dinner, we bought them some 'Cold Rock' and came back and tried more corsets on till the wee early hours of the following day.

We were honoured to have them here and loved every moment.

Thanks guys! and good luck Kara! We so wish we could be there :)

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