Kassie-Lee and Simon

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Kassie-Lee is one of our most special customers ever. Even if she does make us feel pretty damn ancient at times ;) This incredibly beautiful girl first came to us over 6 years ago and asked us to make her school formal dress. Last year we were lucky enough to make her her wedding gown also.

Hers was another wedding we were lucky enough to attend. We almost didnt make it at all and had to drive at a 130 miles an hour just to lace her into her corset. We felt so bad being late. After telling her how amazing she looked in her unlaced corset and skirt we got behind to tighten our favourite girl up for her big day. Just before i started her mum leaned in and with a gentle whisper in my ear so that no one else in the room could hear she said "go easy...we just found out she's pregnant" Great timing Kassie-Lee! ;)

I think you'd agree by her amazing photos she looks like an angel all pulled into her 'belle' corset and matching gathered skirt(: I felt so proud as i watched her on her biggest of days (:

Good luck guys!

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