Kerry and Barry

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Kerry and Barry

Wow! What a cool ass wedding! Kilts, corsets, castles, claymores, butterflies and bag pipes!.......and Isky ;)

Yes! we were honoured to go to another one of our awesome customers weddings. For years we've been attending clients big days but have never been invited to a wedding at the famous 'Castle Rumble', and believe me we've desperately wanted to be. Well the 28th of August was the day! Man it sure did live up to it's much hyped reputation. It was a dream home/castle built by owner Brian Rumble and has taken over 30 years to build. He didnt just build the castle and surrounds, but every thing else within. Goblets, leadlight windows the works. (there's a pic of Brian standing next to a big old medieval style door he made) It certainly was like stepping back in time. For the first time ever we dropped our name and were honoured to get a private veiwing of inside the castle itself. OMG! He even had an original 18th century Elizabethan gown. Drool city!

Both Kerry and Barry came in about 6 months ago. They actually came in to see Period bridal wear specialists 'Moon Star Magic' but after seeing our corsets decided on a combination of both. So basically Barry is wearing Moon Star Magic while Kerry is wearing a Moon Star Magic goddess blouse and an Isky Edwardian skirt and Corset. Whoo! How can you go wrong?! ;)

We were friends from day one and after a long fitting and designing Kerry's dream dress we all kieled over on our floor couch and we introduced them to our favourite show 'True Blood' They are now True Blood addicts ;)

So basically the top row of thumbs are just pics from their initial fitting and pick up night. The rest are a few snaps we took for them on the day.

Thanks guys we'll be friends FOREVER!!

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