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The Tera Nova Corset! About a year ago we made Kirsten an amazing silk brocade 'Belle' corset... so she knew the quality and knew how well it fit. A few weeks ago both her and hubby Aubry visited us again with a special piece of leather she had scored off the set of the T.V series 'Tera Nova. You know? the show that stars the evil dude from 'Avatar'?

As soon as we saw the Dinasaur skin embossed leather we freaked out! Pretty sure Kirsen would have been happy with just getting another 'Belle' design made but we instantly started having delusions of grandure ;)

Sure we could make a 'Belle' corset, but a 'Belle' with a difference. In the end what we came up with was an incorporation of 3 different desings we make. The Belle, Courtesan, and Sexy Armour corsets, all rolled into one amazing corset. We even went to a metal fabricator and had a special stainless Steel busk cut down for this special design ^^. All up there were over 100 seperate pieces including all the steel bones etc

With all our photoshop mockups, time spent trying to work out how to create what we wanted to make, and actually making it, we recon it took up to 3 times longer making this corset as it would have taken to make one of our standard silk brocade corset designs. It was amazing and so worth the extra effort as hopefully you can see from the photos... we were quite nervous as Kirsten tried it on for the very first time but shouldn't have worried because it was a PERFECT FIT!

Thanks lovelies for entrusting us with such an amazing piece of leather =)

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