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OMG! This is Kirsty! one of the funniest laughable girls we've met. Kirsty knew from early on that she wanted to wear a corset as the top half of her wedding dress. Oh did we mention how outragouse she is? Well the fabrics she had in mind were either a white bridal brocade or bright pink. After trying a few styles we came to a quick decision that the 'Coutesan' was her 'it' design. Rather than do the normal black outer bone casings we decided to make the whole corset in one color, i.e make the outer bone casings in the exact same fabric.

As you can see in her pick up shots it turned out looking a million bucks. She was the happiest bride to be ever. Ok now get this for inginuity. Kirsty spent $250 on a wedding dress from China and plans to cut the skirt off, waist band it up and wear it as the bottom half of her dream gown. Now thats thinkin...go gurl ;)

n.b in these pics her corset is actually being worn over the top of her dress. Yes the boned bodice is still attached which is why ther might be a few visible lumpy bits.

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