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Our good friend Liz. We met Liz at a BBQ almost 2 years ago. She told us that she'd be in for a special isky corset of her own one day. A month ago Liz called and made an appointment. She had two balls to attend and needed two special corsets. The first she chose was the Good Goth in Burgandy satin with a black lace over lay. The second was to be worn at the 'Sensual Ball' down in Sydney. After looking at lots of online pictures and trying on other sexy existing isky designs we came up with a corset dress that would put the rest to shame.

Her dress is made from genuin leather, reptile embossed patent, with patent and genuine leather outer bone casings. It also has genuine leather top and bottom bindings (sewn in the time consuming precision ditch stitch method). Inside is strengthened with our two secret interlinings, including a horse hair canvas.

As you can see when she came to pick up her new corset she came prepared and made up to the 9's ;) Liz has a deffinite boot and shoe fetish. She put the whole ensumble on and looked amazing. She was hysterically happy with how it looked while we were so happy and relieved it fit and met with her high hopes...plus we were a tiny bit proud XD

Since her initial visit Liz had been telling us about these tall 7 inch heels she had previously bought. On her pick up night she brought them with her and had to show us how awesomely high they were. Her friend had to help put them on as she couldnt bend due to her dress, even with the front bottom unlaced its an effort lol. It wasnt untill she had them on that she came clean and told us "No! i cant actually walk in them! I cant even stand with out support! But i am a girl and they are shoes...i just wanted them".... Nice ;)

ps. apparently the stockings she has on in these pics cost more than her boots! But they are amazing, and only the best for our Liz ;)

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