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Had a beautiful couple all the way from Canberra grace our shop a couple weeps ago. Melanie and her husband Bruce were the kind of customers we love to play corsets with (: Fun, friendly, and Mel looked amazing in virtually everything she tried on.

Deciding what corset to buy was another hard decision to make, and eventually a decision between their two favourite designs couldn't be reached. So what did they do? they bought them both! The fist being a silver satin/black lace 'Midnight Dip' corset and the second being the magenta (pink coloured) extremely difficult to wear correctly 'Reveal'. Mel looked incredible in both.

Love the pics of Bruce getting his very first corset lacing lesson ;) He did great ^^.

Looking forward to seeing a few follow up 'wearing your corset out' pics Mel (: Thanks so much for coming in guys!

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