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Whowa! We met Merinda and her mum on the foot path when they arrived and almost blew a fuse as Miranda hopped out of the car. Firstly we just happen to be the biggest 'True Blood' fans ever! with our fave sexy vampire chick being the gorgeous red head Jessica...

The first thing we did when we saw Merinda was point and yell "JESSICA!!" She was as close as you'll probably get... and at around 6 foot tall has the figure to grace the cat walks of Milan.

Jessica and her mum came all the way from Hervey Bay for her formal dress... yep, whale watchin country. Virtually every thing we tried on fit and looked incredible on her. It was a pretty hard choice to make. But we got there in the end. We're happy to say she picked the 'ELIZABETHAN'!! one of our all time favourite designs. Jessica...(*cough!) we mean Merinda ;) certainly has a long enough torso to wear such a corset, with it's custom made 16 inch long stainless steel tight lacing front busk =D It's the same design as in the pics above, we just have to make it in a 'blue silk brocade' fabric with silver dragons on it. Can't wait!

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