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Get ready for things to hot up! Introducing one of our beautiful little 'Sexy Armor' wearers Mol-e. All the way from Dubbo N.S.W...

In fact Mol's been buying our 'sexy armor' corsets since before we released them on our site! She has more of our 'sexy armor' designs than anyone we know. The last time she ordered a corset she said... "you can choose this corset for me, I trust you, I'll wear what ever you send!" What an honour.

Mol also owns the title as our 'favourite sexy little fetish model'. She does all her own shoots, set ups, make-up, hair, photography and edits. We love her enthusiasm and are always desperate to see what she comes up with next in her cute little back yard =D And yes! as you can see she isn't scared to steam things up a bit and produce some damn sexy shots for her modeling portfolio and Deviantart profile.

We're always left wondering what's around the corner with our Mol-e... whether it be the next corset she commisions, what pics she produces, or the next rad hairstyle she comes up with... what ever she does she ALWAYS 'owns the hell out of it', and will always be our 'favourite sexy little fetish model'.

Thankya Mol! XD xx

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