Yes we're alive! Still kickin and stronger than ever =D

12 months since our last update?! Well you must be use to by now so no apologies this time ;) Truth is we take an order almost every 2 days, both internationally and within Australia, so times tight here in our little Brisbane corset workshop.

This time round we thought we'd move away form our usual school formal, wedding gown, casual/goth wear looking corset photos/fittings and show you our new pride and joy... the 'Diesel Punk' corset. Made from Australian Chrome tanned Kangaroo hide this corset is amazing! (if we do say so ourselves ;) ) More than 6 months planning and 4 weeks worth of work went into this little jem. Click on the image above for more photos and information concerning this design, or just go to our 'Customers' gallery =) Anyway it's good to show something a little different on our site for a change :)

Hope everyone has an awesome Christmas and New Years! Catch ya next time!!

Later Lovelies!



So we must seem pretty slack updating our site every 4-5 months?! initially we wanted to do it monthly but soon discovered it's not that easy when you also have to be masters of corset design, photography and web design, not to mention keeping up with all the corset orders we recieve each week! Especially considering we're now more busy than we've ever been before! We looked into this and it turns out if you Google 'Brisbane Corsets' Not only are we ranked No#1 but also appear 18 more times within the first 4 pages O.O

Anyways this time round we have so much to show y'all! We have fairytale customers, returning ex-formal girls, blonde bombshells, new designs! and last but not least our pride and joy the 'Tera Nova' corset. That's right folks we were lucky enough to have been entrusted to some dinosaur embossed leather from the T.V show 'Tera Nova'... thanks Kirsten! It's all in the customer gallery so go check it out!

Later Lovelies!

The Tera Nova Corset! NEW!

New Iskyets!

Samantha NEW!

Zabrina NEW!

Cinderella NEW!

Melanie NEW!

Kirsten (Tera Nova Corset) NEW!

Aleta NEW!
Previous Peeps!

Kara and Kassy


Sonya and Mylo



Emily & Hannah



Check in time! just to let you know we're still kickin & still love yas ;)

Keeping it short an sweet this time due to being histerically busy... Building new sites, finding new models and organizing new shoots is pretty damn time consuming, who'da thought... especially when trying to keep up with the normal daily corset grind =)

Rather than add even more beautiful corset wearing iskyetts to our already overflowing customers page we thought we'd just add one.

Meet country bumpkin Marissa... raised on a farm and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful girls We've had through our doors. She excitedly travelled hours from her digs to be the first to try a new corset we made publically on our facebook page over Easter... the 'Slave Girl Corset' (photos of her wearing it in her gallery). Marissa ended up staying a bit longer than initially antisipated and in the end we were lucky enough to spend a couple of days taking literally hundreds of pics. This all took place on the weekend before she was due to leave for Ireland indefinitely (this Saturday actually *cries). As soon as we popped her corset wearin cherry she was pretty much ready to fling her old ebayer out the window ;)

Good luck in Ireland and don't stay away too long damn it!!

Later Lovelies!


Happy new year to you all!

Well time to get back to it. December's always been our quiet month, but as per usual we've hit the new year hard. A massive thank you to all you beautiful peeps who've supported us thus far. We love you all!

So what's new for 2012? New designs, new fabrics, new lots of things ;) Oh and a new site dedicated to our PVC underbust corsets will hit the web pretty soon also. You know, our 'Sexy Armour' designs? Which by the way are due for a name change. We don't know what we're going to call them exactly, but for now lets just call them 'Isky Armour'. Yep, over the whole "Sexy" part...

A bunch of new Iskyette's grace our Customers section. Including quite a few updated pics of how a buch of our beautiful school formal girls looked on their big night. Not just the casual fitting pics we got use to. Thanks girls you all looked incredible! You did us proud that's for sures.

Damn! We've just noticed our paypal, view cart button isn't working atm so for the time being if you want to place online orders you can do so straight from the 'add to cart' page or just contact us by email and we'll invoice you.

Oh and you might have seen our beautiful 'cross-eyed Kirra' in the photo above? XD Hey she dared us, we accepted ;) For all those who don't think we're serious when we say we'll publicly shame you if you pull such a face while wering our garb think again, Bwahahaha! ;) Apart from that particular shot thanks for looking so amazing on the night ;) and thanks for being you... love you heaps.


Tiffany NEW!

Kirra NEW!

Jessica NEW!

Caspa NEW!

Sharron NEW!

Sara NEW!


EEEK! Can't believe the last time we touched base was almost 6 months ago. Since then we've almost doubled the amount of work we pump out! So many weddings and school formals this year, it's hard to keep up. Plus our 'Sexy Armor' corsets have gone NUTS! We're sending these little puppies all over the world... and we're yet to make a dedicated page to view and order them on >.<

*Que the violin music* But you know what? the best part about all this are you guys, and the friends we make, Nawwwwe...

So why isky? what is isky? Why name yourselves ISKY DAMN IT?!?! A much asked question that doesn't, but probably should appear on our FAQ page.

Well we'll tell ya. When we were just little munchkins our mum use to play us a CD called 'the Adventures of Iskybibble'. Iskybibble was a childrens mythological heroic type charachter who use to travel around the country side and do good. At first we used 'Iskybibble', but when we heard that lots of peeps who saw our corsets in town or out and about were running up to total strangers and asking, "is that an isky corset?!", we decided to change it to isky :) Da daaaar!

and once again we have even more fun loving Iskyetts to add to our ever so popular 'Customer' section. Thanks girls for being so awesome!

Till next time groovers!

Karra and Kassy NEW!

Rhiannon NEW!

Merinda NEW!

Caspa NEW!

Emily & Hannah NEW!

Mol-e NEW!



Hehey! that time again... We're so busy atm. Our day starts around 9am and we normally leave the sewing machine by 2:30am Now that's a looong day.

Hmmm so what's new? How about a sneak peak of our soon to be released new designs? 'Sexy Armor!!' Yes we know it's a strange name... are we going to regret naming our new line that? Probably... but who cares!! as long as they rock ;) The fact is we're always hearing peeps who try these on say "It's exactly how i'd imagine armor might feel... just SEXIER!" hence the name. It's all about the thickest, heaviest, shiniest, well stitched quality PVC corset on the market today. Nothing even comes close to comparing. Sadly they're not ready for sale yet. We just wanted to help get your drool on ;)

We thought we'd also take this opportunity to add a few more of our newest fave girls to our 'Customer' section. We're so lucky to have met you guys! Thanks so much for getting the isky itch and deciding to shop with us =)

Later Lovelies!

Tiarne NEW!

Hannh NEW!

Jenna NEW!

Jennifer / Ruben NEW!

kerry / Barry NEW!

Sarah NEW!


New website!!

YES YES to kick off the new year we have a brand new website! This site's much simpler and easy to use, as well as being way less flashy...we love it! and hope you will also. Please enjoy perusing the hundreds of pics and ideas hidden within...

So why didnt we put a customers section up in the first place?! Our new customers link has been so well recieved. Since adding it a few months ago we've had so many positive awesome emails. Our average number of weekly orders has even increased. So much so we're having to put our production time for each corset back a week....sowwy :( Dont worry we'll be back on track shortly.

Thanks to Burlesque beauty 'La Fay' from Tasmania for sending in this sexy pic from a shoot she recently had. She ordered her corset on the Sunday prior and asked if we could get it to her by wednesday week. We did better than that and got it made and to her by the following Friday...just in time for a shoot she had planed for that Sunday ;) Gotta love the Merry Widow design! Thanks hun you did us proud ;) Later lovelies!


Eeek! such a long time between news. Sorry! We've been so so sooooo busy! You really have no idea. So what's new? Well we'll tell ya! Our myspace link is GONE! We really couldnt be bothered changing everything from Casanova to Isky so we deleted it :D Easy fix...but now we have an all new link ;)

We have an all new section to our site! Its all about the coolest recent customers we've had ;) Girls who dont consider themselves to up market or vain to put forward their fun candid fitting pics on our all new customers section, YEY! You guys are the best! This section will also eventually house so much more...just you wait ;)

Our new leather/pvc range is also going strong and will eventually find itself on this site in all it's isky glory ;) But for now go check out some of our fave beautiful iskyette lovelies giving our isky label a much loved real life feel.
Thanks girls for being such awesome sports ^^ Till next time!


So! there seems to be a major goth or sex shop that sells corsets sprouting up in most major cities these days. So what's the difference between us & them? QUALITY!! Firstly we dont import poorly made corsets with the same old boring straight uncomfortable cut you see being sold every where else. Our designs are hand made in our own piece of Australia using the finest quality steel hardware & materials...Anyone, & we mean EVERY ONE can tell the difference if they compare...That's because we specialize in corsets only ;)

One really weird and annoying observation we've noticed lately is quite a few people are trying our corsets & freaking out over how small their waist looks, and not always in a good way....Well DA! The main difference between most of our corsets and others is that ours are true hour glass corsets, these designs are cut under the rib cage to not only cinch just your waist, but to also releave ribcage compression. That & our unmatched quality is why we're No1 ;) xx


Hehey! Big thanks to all who've stuck by and placed online orders over the past month whilst we've had paypal issues. Well its gonna be a hassel assigning lower shipping costs for multiple purchased items using our paypal system so we've decided to make you love us even more and send you your quality isky corsets out for, wait for it....FREE!

Ok so here's the deal...its not going to be this way forever so take advantage while you can. We figure for those awesome iskyets who order on line and dont take up our precious manufacturing time coming into see us direct deserve to be looked after anyway ;)

Free delivery applies to Australian citizens only, the rest of the world no matter what country costs a low $20 (AUD).Overseas buyers please email us before you purchase and we'll send you a paypal invoice manually (: Chow!


So what the hell is our name?!?! We've finally bit the bullet and changed our label. Casanova's no more...welcome to the era of 'Isky C96!' Makes perfect sense considering we're better known as isky by hundreds if not thousdands of people around the world....right?

Casanova's never sat well with the head honcho upstairs...why? You guessed it, cause he's a guy :( and sOoo not a casanova. So we'll see how we go for a while before commiting and weaving up new labels etc. But yeah! new website! New Label!! How excited we are!! ;)

Ok! As you can see this site is still a little incomplete. We still have more photoshoots, designs to make, and for the next couple of weeks please phone or email through your orders. Paypal will be back up shortly....Later lovelies!!! Please scroll down for previous posts...


We're here! Finally!! Casanova has a web presence. Till now you've probably only seen us on various online sites, specialty shops or if your lucky enough our own botiques or manufacturing studios. No more!

For those who dont know our label, we're an all Australian business, been around for 12 years, are perfectionists at the art that is corsetry, & love to make women look & feel their sexy best. We cant sum it up any better than that.

So this is the page you come to to find out whats goin arn. News, special events, goss, bla bla bla....it all happens here. Now to date our subscribers are only 400 strong. So untill we hit the magic 600 mark this page may seem a little slow. So hurry up and join so we can start some SERIOUS spamin!!! Talk to you later!

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