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Little Rhi! Rhiannon's parents have been supporting our business since the beginning of the century... Her mum has quite a number of our wears. In fact when we first started making corsets she was one of the first to buy one =D How awesome is that!?!

When we learnt it was time for little Rhiannon's school formal, and that she did indeed love the victorian look we got pretty excited. It was awesome having them all come in and choose something for Rhiannon. Rhiannon just happens to have a 24 inch waist, so yep, we had to make one of the smallest corsets we make. A 20 inch beautiful blue 'Belle' hour glass silk brocade corset, as well as a black Elizabethan skirt.

When picking up her newly made corset gown her mum Marion decided to get in on the action and revamp her wardrobe with yet another of our corsets. She decided upon the most popular red lace/black satin 'Courtesan' corset, as well as a black organza ball overskirt. Seeing as both girls had overskirts, they decided to make life easier and buy a 30 meter chiffon petticot to share and wear under. Even dad left with a 'Moon Star Magic' medieval shirt =D

On the night of her formal the guys returned so the professionals could lace her corset and make sure her whole ensumble looked freakin awesome ;) How amzing does she look!?!

You have no idea how honoured and lucky we are to have these guys as valued friends and customers :)

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