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Reunited with our little Sammy (: Hard to think it was 4 years ago that Samantha along with her mum and dad walked ito our digs all the way from country Toowoomba. Yep Sam got her Year 12 school formal corset gown from us way back then.

4 years on and not much has changed, she's still as beautiful as ever. Sam came back in just recently and we went corset crazy! Sam's got the perfect corset bod, virtually every design she tried looked amazing! Including of course our new and latest corset design. Not sure of the name yet but you can get a sneak peak of it in action here first... wrapped tight around Samanthas perfect curves. It's the light grey with black dragon underbust she's sportin in these here pics. It comes complete with black coutil satin outer bone casings (:

We also tried to squeeze Sam into one of our tiny 20 inch 'Merry Widow' corsets. Her natural waist is 27" so there was still a gap at the back, but man was her waist small. The following pic where she's grabing her diaphram is what happens when we make someone who's wearing such a tiny corset laugh ;)

Samantha's even a little extra spesh as she's also drawn inspiration from us as designers/retailers. She has even made her own beautiful corsets and is currently completeing her Milinery coarse at tafe.

We're so proud of you Sam, thanks for staying in touch, buying from us, and keeping your dreams alive!

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