Isky Armor
Awesome Shiny Goodness ;)...

The strongest, thickest, heaviest, wrinkle free 'QUALITY' corset you'll find...ANYWHERE!!
So here's the deal....

Earlier this year we bought 2 costly industrial walking foot sewing machines. These machines are used primarily in upholstery as well as saddlery sewing applications.

Why? So we can make a corset no one else can make of course... Almost all pvc corsets you see on the market these days are made from thin cheap $8-$10 a meter pvc's. We searched over 5 years before we sourced a patent PU fabric worthy of the isky label. Ours is heavy duty... first rate. Your more likely to find our PVC's on million dollar luxury liners than in fashion applications. It's thicker, heavier, metalic, and very VERY shiny ;) This helps alleviate those sightly creases and wrinkles you see associated with virtually all other PVC corsets.

Sadly we pay to use such quatily fabrics, almost $100 per meter.

But these are new and exciting, so for the moment we're selling them at an unbeatable price ;)

Lets talk dollars...
and a price that Kant be beat! ;)

the best part about 'Isky Armor' is the price. Buy on-line and these corsets cost between $250 and $275! You then have the option to pimp your own corset with extra buckles. Buckes cost $12.50 each for up to 4 then drop to $10 each there after. It doesnt get any easier than that ;) You'll not get a stronger better made fully steel boned corset anywhere...

*these corsets are not available for purchase within our shop. We make them to order. Saving on fitting time is partly how we keep our prices low.

Coming Soon!!

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