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Beautiful classy Sharon came in to see us one afternoon after finding our site online a few nights prior. Both her and her partner had been having a terrible time trying to find a decent tight laced quality corset. They even flew all the way to Melbourne in their endevours only to be dissapointed. Little did they know our atlier was only a 20 minute drive from their door :)

Sharon was another one of those women who just look amazing in almost everything she tried on lol. It was actually quite difficult to decide on something in the end because they all looked so great. Finally she decided on the 'Longline' design in a red/black blossom silk brocade. This is a much loved style that many want but only a minority look good in.

Thank you so much Sharon for being so nice and easy to fit :) We hope your Chrismas gift looked awesome on the night you chose to wear it for the first time.

Thanks guys!

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