Sonya and Mylo

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Sonya and Mylo

Over the years we've literally attended hundreds of our clients weddings. None as memerable as Sonya and Mylo's. The thought of having her complete bridal party wearing tight laced corsets was so appealing for Sonya that her and one of her bridesmaids Danielle came in to see us. Sonya was excitement city! while we could tell Danielle was a little apprehensive. Danielle was blessed with some of the biggest natural boobies we've had the pleasure to work with. She was gorgeous and shyly arrived wearing a shawl wrapped around herself. After a little while we found the best design for her shape and after deciding on colours were stolked to see she was in fact really very excited (:

We drove from Brisbane to the Tweed Valley in New South Wales to attend their wedding on top of the most amazing mountain with the most incredible view. It was the funniest most relaxed wedding ever. We loaned the girls some fitting Victorian style necklaces and promised to take a few pics for them. As you can see by the way Sonya is buckling over with laughter in most pics it was a natural and fun time. Hey if anything its a testiment to how comfortable and flexible the isky corsets are ;)

The 'Courtesan' designs were a smash hit and being there to see them in action was an honour.

Curious in seeing who Isky is? that's him dressed all in 'Moon Star Magic' black in the last three shots of the photos.

Thanks groovers! we'll be friends forever...

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