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Meet Talitha-Mae...Tal flew all the way from Sydney just for a fitting on Thursday (now that's dedication). She woke at 3:30am and crawled on a plane. 7 hours later and we were picking her up from the train station. Her tiny figure hoped off the train with her big backpack on, wearing her sexy heals, massive 'F CK OFF' fly eyed rockstar sunnies, tight black Dickie jeans while pulling a cart behind her that contained her suitcase and pillow...complete with her 'My little Pony' pillow case. We so regret not taking a pic...

We had the bestest day, she is one of the most natural exhibitionist we've met and she had us in hysterics the whole time, especially over her double jointedness... We're still shrieking.

Hmmm...now Tal's one of those petite teensi-weensie girls who have a hard time finding fashions that fit. Our fitting was no exception. But we did get by, and as you can see by her candid snaps she looks amazing...The gown of her choice, and the gown we're now making in a special size all of her own is the Pink Corset and skirt right at the beginning of her pics. She definitely has the whole baby-doll / Lolita thing goin arn ;) Precisely what we were hoping to achieve.

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