Tanya and Kathlene

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Tanya and Kathlene

Tanya came to see us a month or two ago for a bridal corset. She brought with her the exact fabric she wanted it made in. After trying on a few different designs we decided on an extra long over bust corset.

Whilst the whole fitting was taking place her pretty 11 year old daughter just sat there and watched mum. I tried to get her involved by asking if she liked the corset look and if she wanted to see how she looked wearing one. She agreed with a smile and after we tighed her up in a 'Merry Widow' she immediately came out of her shell and came to life. She went from shy Kathlene to briming smile Kathlene. So much so that inbetween the first fitting and the pick up day her mum decided to buy it for her as a gift. Yes introducing the youngest member of the isky family ;) It's still quite loose but gives her shape and will be a nice future investment as she gets older (: How many 11 year old can say they have an isky quality corset ey?

These pictures were taken on their pick up day. This time Kathlene rocked up with her hair teased, a bit of lip gloss and a specially made little dress both she and her mum had worked on. I think you'd agreen she looks totally adorable (: Thanks guys.

n.b the skirt Tanya is wearing is for effect only. She is quite an accomplished seamstress herself and had something very special in mind for her big day (:

UPDATE* Thank you to Tanya and her family for sending some much loved pics of her big day! Woot woot! How shweet does every one look! Thanks hun you did us proud ;)

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