Tiarna and Samantha

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Tiarna and Samantha

Wow if all fitting were as fun as this one then we'd give up our days jobs! WAIT! what? Meet Tiarna and Samantha. Two of the most beautiful girls we know. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and both girls had decided to come over and play dress ups with us. Tiarna had discovered us a few days before and had brought her BFF Sam in for a look. We had one of the best afternoons ever! We played, laughed and took pics all rainy Sunday afternoon. After which we ordered lots of pizza and chowed down to our favourite 'South Park' Episodes.

Such fun. A week later and Sam was back buying an 'Elizabethan' design in Black/Gold Dragonfly silk brocade. She bought it on the Saturday afternoon and sent us a text the following day at around 11ish saying she was just taking it off after an all nighter partying, drinking and having almost every person in the clubs coming up and putting their hands around her tiny waist in disbelief. Nice one hun you did us proud ;)

Sam is also the cover girl on our website if you hadnt realized. Bring on more fittings like those! Whoo!

n.b This was years ago hence the crappy quality of the images. We used a pretty lame camera but who cares right?

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