Tiff Jess and Brook

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Tiff/Jess and Brook

Hmmm welcome to the sexiest fitting ever! These guys sure do live a sexier life than most ;) They love showing off, flirting, love running a muck, touching, feeling, pushing the boundaries, and they LOVE being watched ;)

We met these lovlies at one of those sexy clubs we get invited to on occassions by our fetish clients. We hung out most of the night and the following week they came in to play. Like most who enjoy the sexier side they knew exactly what they wanted, and once all was said and done even us at isky corsets had learnt a thing or two. For instance, did you know you dont actually need a change room when you have a good friend to hide you goodies? ;)

The fitting lasted only 30 or so minutes...quickies rock!

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