Coming in to try some corsets?

So you may have noticed we don't put our shop address online. This is because after we closed our city shop we built our beautiful new 60 square meter corset boutique right next to our private home address. From here we can also make our corsets while at the same time serving our awesome customers =D

Basically we don't put our address up for privacy reasons. But we would love to have you visit our purposely built corsetorium :)

How to visit us... it's very easy

1. Just call or email us to set up a time. We will then give you our address.

2. leave us your contact mobile number in case of an emergency and incase we need to cancel (never happened but better to play it safe)

3. As you're leaving to come see us just shoot us an "on my way!" text and head on over =D Easy as!

n.b people who make appointments and don't turn up without being courteous enough to let us know will not be given a second chance. You may order online, but if you leave us hangin please don't expect to have the privilege to come in again, it's just common courtesy... sowwy.

(07) 3851 2587
0416 162 275
Ferny Hills Shop

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